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Semi-Permanent Makeup, Brows & More

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup imitates perfectly applied cosmetics, with natural-looking results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want. You may have heard it also referred to as semi-permanent makeup, micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing.

The effect is achieved by infusing hypo-allergenic specialist pigments into the dermal layer of your skin, where they remain all day, every day.

The results fade gradually over 2-3 years, with a colour boost procedure recommended 12 – 18 months after the initial application to maintain a fresh appearance.

The most common procedures are microblading/eyebrow tattoo and eyeliner tattoo.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent brow boosting procedure where micro fine hairs are tattooed between your natural brows to give a fuller and more natural looking brow.

Using a manual tool with small needles, cosmetic pigments are deposited into the epidermis of the skin to create the perfect brow.

What can I expect?

After a consultation during which your face shape, skin tone and hair colour are analysed I will “pre-draw” your enhancement using conventional cosmetics. This ensures that the correct colours and styles are chosen for (and agreed by) you so that the finished result is exactly what you want.

Because client comfort is of the utmost importance, numbing agents are applied prior to the treatment.

Most appointments take around 2-3 hours depending on the procedure and clients describe the sensation as “like having your eyebrows tweezed” or “a tingling sensation”.

Unless you have paid a discounted price, a complimentary tune-up where necessary is included in the price. Please check when booking. Whilst most clients achieve the results they desire within 2 visits, in some cases, an additional appointment/appointments may be required.  

This could be due to lifestyle choices (e.g tanning/facial treatments/botox), skin type, medical conditions, medications and/or not adhering strictly to the aftercare instructions. Should additional appointments be required these would need to be performed in 4 week intervals. Terms and Conditions apply.

Is it safe?

I follow a strict code of practice that ensures a safe treatment and use strictly “one use only” disposable products that are disposed of at the end of each treatment.

Pigments are hypoallergenic and meet European medical standards. You will be invited for an allergy test prior to the treatment, usually this can be done during your consultation or if you prefer, a patch test kit and instructions can be posted to your home along with pre-procedure advice and medical questionnaire.

Does it hurt?
The procedure is performed with your comfort in mind. A numbing cream is applied to the skin before the procedure to assure you have the most comfortable experience possible.
What should I do before my procedure?

You will need to complete a full Medical Questionnaire along with some other forms. You will also need to complete a sensitivity test (patch test) prior to your appointment, this can be issued at your consultation or of you prefer, the documents can be posted to you along with a sensitivity test kit and instructions. Please do get in touch if you have any queries.

What can I expect post procedure?

The colour will be apparent for the first 3 days and will generally start to fade thereafter. You can expect the healed result to be approximately 30% lighter. Healing takes approximately 4 -12 weeks and is dependent on factors such as age and adhering to the advised aftercare guidance.

How do I book an appointment?

If you would like to book a consultation, or if you feel confident enough and you are happy to make an informed decision and book your procedure you can get in touch via email becki@beckiwhitespmu.co.uk or mobile 07738 929092.

Where are you located?

Becki is based in Wimborne and works from a treatment room in Hands on Physiotherapy, Wentworth Yard, Leigh Road, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 8BT. Free parking is available on site.


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